Tuesday, February 13

One week and counting

He say "Do you remember?"
He say "Do you recall?"
I say yeah I remember, oh, I remember it all
Every time that cold wind blows
Every time I hear that sound
Late night trains shunting down by the river
I remember Windy Town

I think what Chris Rea meant when he wrote that was the early years of your life shape who you are, and especially the places you were. He was talking about Newcastle and the good and the bad things that happened there. I'm talking about Nortel. I've got a week left and it's starting to feel odd.

I'm hoping that in years to come, when people ask me, 'Do you remember?' I can say with honesty that I remember the good stuff - and there was a lot of good stuff too. People, projects, the sofa! Nine years in one company, on two continents and a host of similar jobs has defined who I am and made it clear that a couple of things need to change. I need to stretch myself to be happy in what I am doing, and that I need to trust my judgement - actually it all seems pretty sound.

So one week till I leave Nortel, and then 3 till I join my new gig. I think I'll remember Windy Town.

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