Thursday, February 15

So much music

So how the hell do you deal with a big MP3 collection? This is the issue for the day for me. Sounds easy and straightforward, but I decided to finally finish ripping all my CDs into my machine... I got a lovely big 400GB drive dedicated to music and went about ripping...

I have got through the F's so far and obviously still have a way to go. Problem is I have about 31000 tracks right now, and I think I'll get to about 45-50k when I am done. How the F do you even work out what to listen to? Plus iTunes really doesn't like a collection this big, and runs like a dog now.

So problems all round.

I have a music server that runs my 2 Roku Soundbridges called Firefly, and it works great. That is super speedy at serving music, but it doesn't build playlists. It will read playlists from iTunes, but my deal is I am struggling to build them from a collection this size... thoughts anyone?

One thing we have found is Predixis Musicmagic (now called MusicIP) which is a smart playlist builder, which rather than looking at ID3 tags, looks at music structure in the file itself and finds similar tracks etc. I am going to try it, but my assumption is it is going to have to scan my collection and build a meta library or an index of the tracks... so that'll take forever.

Stupid mp3 collection.

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