Saturday, April 21

This is the BBC...

I am picturing scenes from the Eurovision song contest here, (ie Prague, this is London, can you give us your votes please)... the reason why? Well somehow I have been roped into hosting a couple of podcast shows next week at work. Could be interesting... could be a disaster... will have to see!

Anyway. New TV or more correctly honking great screen is all rigged up in the lounge now, and holy cats it's big. Think honking great space gun - thanks Jack O'Neill.

Watched Casino Royale with Mary and Bill on Friday, with prerequisite Bond-esque Martini's

* 3 parts Gin
* 1 part Vodka
* .75 parts vermouth
* Shaken over ice and served with a twist of lemon peel

Chris C is second round interviewing with us at Juniper next week, good luck to him...

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