Sunday, April 1

Yes, yes, you're right...

Tis always a bummer when you are proved right by a someone who is always right... not that this is too much of a bad thing when it happens to be a friend and my golf coach; but man, the guy is always right.

Of course we're talking of the Tisch here, my long suffering golf mentor, and the last couple of lessons he gave me over the past few of weeks. Keep turning left says Ed, and if you think you have turned left, then it probably isn't enough!

So of course today, I go out with 'Turn left' being the only thought in my small Gilly brain, and what do you know... dammit it worked. 42 out and 39 back on the 'insane-o' inward 9 at San Juan Oaks. Still not the lowest I have shot, but baby, finally we're playing golf again. Plus I made Jackson and the Nashman pay up - so that is sweet retribution for the months of cash they have taken from me as I hacked it about.

You live n learn...

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