Tuesday, April 8

What social media is important to a business?

Our team has been doing a lot of work on trying to structure a meaningful social media and overall web experience strategy for the company over the last few months, and it has led me to some conclusions and an equal number of questions.

While we have been dabbling with community for a while and a single blog, we haven't really been taking advantage of any of these platforms.

We have focused down on four main areas of web activity, which while not all encompassing if you were looking at a full SM/web strategy, it gives our organisation enough scope to work effectively and not get distracted by other tools.

The categories we're proposing right now are:

  • Analytics/Measurement
  • Communities & Social Media, comprising Community, Blogs, Rich Media, Content Aggregators and
  • Globalization & Content Leadership
  • Search
I am also thinking that an overarching Experience/Research component needs to be included to ensure that we give a strong enough focus to User Centered Design, Personas, User Testing and Prototyping and overall competitive and industry research and benchmarking.

So we'll probably add that one too.

Outside of the five main social media groups, I am thinking that we have tools such as
  • Flickr
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Facebook
These we need to take advantage of because they can act as a supporting tool for other areas - a good example being a Flickr album of an event, tied to a blog post.

Many of these tools are sexy and intriguing, but finding the business related angle to sell a team on is difficult. And it's tough just to say, well lets try it! I'll keep thinking on that one.

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