Sunday, June 22

Home looks smaller these days

I had a brief (but enjoyable) trip back to the UK last week. Primarily to see Mother G for her birthday, but in just 7 days managed the following:
  • 17hr flight from SJC>ORD>LHR
  • 2 days painting a house with Bro
  • 1 trip to Cambridge to see Alex, Nik and PJ
  • 1 massive indian meal
  • 1 trip to Rainham to see Sheila & Gordon
  • 1 visit from the lovely Nikki S to say hi, have a cuppa and a catch up
  • 3 nights in Winchelsea, Sussex with Matt, Cass and Mum
  • 18hr flight back to US LHR>ORD>SJC
And then work the next day.. which sorta sucked.

But back to the point, every time I go home, everything have changed just a little. I know that sounds obvious, but it's all a little smaller, older, shabbier. That is with the exception of mum's place which is looking amazing with all the work on it right now.

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