Saturday, October 25

Future of Social Media pt 2

As I talked about in pt1, the Future of Social Media event that I attended, gave us all a lot to think about.

Something that I am wrangling with right now is the notion of the On Demand SME (a great term that was coined at the event by Faith from Webex), this is the concept that with your social network you are connected virtually instantly to subject experts both inside your company and outside it.

This both accelerates your time to information, great for you, but also starts to terrify IT teams as the ramification is that the network becomes even more porous.

So while some companies are locking the firewall down, and restricting access to social media tools, the progressive ones are working out how to use access control and security features to enable users to work in this method, without compromising the network.

Lucky I work for a networking and security company eh?

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