Monday, October 20

The Future of Social Media pt1

I am fairly priviledged in my role in that I get to interact with smart people virtually all the time. Last week was no exception, I was invited to attend the first ever Future of Social Media Roundtable hosted by Forrester Research's Jeremiah Owyang (and thanks to a very gracious SAP for hosting at their gorgeous building in Palo Alto).

This was a meeting of the minds (brands, vendors, social media analysts) to discuss where we were trying to 'move the movement' in the next few years.

It was intended to be an open and forward thinking day, and we hadtwo clear objectives:
  • Generate four predictions, challenges, and solutions for the future of social media
  • Develop relationships ecosystem for partners, vendors, and clients
  • I am not going to list all our findings here, as Jeremiah has done a great job in running through all of those on his blog (link above), but I will list out the key predictions we had.

    1. Community will participate in all aspects of marketing/strategy, product development, and support
    2. Brands present and participate where organic communities exist –not just corporate created communities
    3. Work style evolves as employees collaborate beyond colleagues to get work done
    4. One identity with controllable multiple facets empowers users to control their web experience
    I think that the key things that everyone agreed on, was that the notion of crowd sourcing would continue to influence all areas of product development, but that it would have a great strain on how a company plans and budgets for its activities. Companies would have to be more agile to compete here.

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