Tuesday, October 28

The power of persona

For what seems the longest time, I have been running a project to push the basic tenants of user centered design at Juniper.

This started as a drive to prep the team for web site development work, but really grew into a company wide activity to help target content development, campaign design as well as activity online.

One of my team, Tawnee has written a great insightful article on her experience in helping to run this project on her blog Social Media Socialist. I recommend the read.

For me the big ah hah, was when we grouped the personas into three archetype groupings. The moment we did this, and could articulate this to people in terms of the 'Strategic' 'Bridge' and 'Technical', the pushing of personas uphill, turned into the steering of the project as it took on a velocity of itself.

The journey isn't over as we continue to refine the personas, their targeting and use, but man it feels great to see a company take hold of the activities that you have nutured as a team for so long.

As my gang will hear me say often, 'Go Team'!!

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