Sunday, November 9

Building the ultimate PC

I have been boring my colleagues recently with talk of building a new PC. I think it's time, honestly, for me to get on with it and stop talking about it. 

I am going to be writing about the process over the next few weeks while I spec it all out. I'm thinking that it will be at least:
  • Quad Core - probably AMD Phenom x4
  • 4 GB RAM
  • Video will be SLI or Crossfire and running a twin configuration, something along the lines of two 4850 ATI cards
  • Storage would be sata raid, probably 2x WD green drives...
  • I'd like a blu ray drive on there too
  • The big toss up is do I run Vista or not. I am thinking I give it a go, it's not my primary machine, thats an iMac, so I am not too worried about it too much.
So if you have any thoughts lemme know, but I'll keep you posted on this, and the conversion of the old machine to become an ubuntu server.

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