Friday, November 7

Dragonforce-powered workday

It's interesting as I sit here with the rest of the crew late on a Friday (we're listening to Dragonforce btw, which is hysterical, and sums up our week), on how much attention social media tools are getting in our marketing mix.

We're poised for another launch on Monday for the company, and progressively since January, the company is wanting to delve deeper into what we can do with each tool. For a web team this is both a blessing and a curse in many ways.

Take YouTube. The team has been working hard to use the 'tube as a pseudo official syndication channel, as well as backdoor method of hosting fast turn around video for the J-Net Community. All of a sudden its as if the company discovered that it existed. Don't get me wrong, this is a good thing ultimately. What isn't so good is that a slew of rogue video all of a sudden turns up from inside the company wanting to post on the channel.

This just reinforces how much we need to have and police solid process for the production of material that goes into our social media channels. Yes I know that there is a spontaneity that should accompany material, and I wholeheartedly agree, but it still has to comply with a company's overall basic policies and should still have alignment to our values as a brand.

We live in interesting times.

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Wu Dang Cat1 said...

if dragonforce power is not enough, perhaps Loudness-power will be next... ;)
mmm.. old school vs new school, story of our lives...