Monday, November 3

Social Media by Social Media

Social media uptake, especially in Enterprises certainly seems to me to go in fits and starts. Half the time an organisation seems ambivalent and uninterested in even participating, and the other half they go bonkers over wanting to use as much as they possibly can, uncontrollably...

For a couple of months now, the team and I have been working to build a library of educational courses, about social media. Called J-Social, this was a project initiated by our boss, with the intention of educating people on which tools we thought important, how we use them as an organisation, and how you get measurable results out of them.

There are designed to be 10 modules, covering everything from Personas, RSS syndication, use of networking sites like Facebook, or aggregators like Digg, etc as well as the development of new multimedia and promoting it in YouTube.

The interesting aspect is that we're using social media to help promote these - with a combination of Adobe Connect (which I really find flawed in it's design), our community site (run off Lithium) and mentions in our Wiki and blogs.

The uptake has been great, especially with management support but I think what I am most pleased about is the fact that people are starting to shape their online activities in a very cohesive way. They are using the tools and strategies we have outlined and starting to form repeatable activities to drive user interaction.

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Anton Chiang said...

Great article Paul, one of Jeremiah Owyang's recent article further reinforced the importance of internal social media education as a critical step in preparing companies for the social media revolution (see step #3 in this article )