Wednesday, January 14

Are you using Linkedin's new app platform?

LinkedIn has launched it's new application development platform, neatly called 'Applications-BETA'. So what does this mean?

Well for one, LinkedIn can now be thought of as a place for professionals to actually connect and collaborate, rather than just look leverage networks of contacts.

With apps such as Slideshare and Google Presentations, you can present the dreaded PPTs to your networks, but also you can start to collaborate using Huddle, pump in your blogs (such as this one) so people can follow your insight (should they be interested). I think I am intrigued with the Polls module from LinkedIn themselves, which promises to let you collect real actionable data from your network.

I am hoping that some other vendors jump on the app dev route to help this grow - these 9 apps are a good start - because I can see this becoming a great place for targetted market research, pitching business ideas, and collaborating in a more formal workspace.

I'd be interested to hear if anyone is making use of this yet?

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