Saturday, January 3

Playing with new gear

Following a swing analysis at the Golf Lab with Leith Anderson, I have switched out my usual Dynamic Gold S300 shafts in my irons for the new KB Tour from KBS Shafts. I was fairly amazed at the performance of them in testing. Not only are the new shafts stiffer, (I am playing an X or 6.5 now) but the ball flight is higher and hence the travel distance is longer. With the help of a laser rangefinder, I am thinking about 6-7 yards per iron.

The KBs are designed by Kim Braly (you may not know him by name, but if you ever played a Project X shaft, then you know his work). Apparently according to KBS:

  • By reducing the mass and radius of each step in equal proportions along the shaft’s center line, the KBS Tour shaft delivers optimum stability resulting in efficient energy transfer from the player’s hands to the clubhead. In addition, the KBS Tour shaft incorporated step-by-step Moment of Inertia analysis to reduce shaft ‘interference’ during a player’s well-executed swing.
Basically that mean that the club is a little more stable through impact. Currently the clubs are balancing out at a D4, which is about a swingweight less than previously. It seems fine, but I will play a little more with them and see if I need to add some weight back with tape.

I also swapped out my Dynamic Gold wedge flex shafts in my 54, 58 and 61 deg wedges for the new Aerotech Steelfiber i125g graphite in a stiff flex. These shafts are amazing, with a little more feel than the steel, and definately a flatter flight. The clubs are balanced out at right between D5 and D6, which again is about a swingweight lighter than I am used to.

So far they all seem incredible, but will continue to see how they perform.

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