Sunday, March 15

New Site... time to breathe...

Feb 24 this year saw Juniper Networks roll out a completely new web experience, which is the culmination of two years work by Juniper's web business team.

This site, or at least the promise of it, was why I joined Juniper from Nortel over two years ago.

This is the first time since I around the mid 1990's that I could actually sit down with a site and 'start again'. All the work that I have ever done on sites has been improvements (well I hope anyway!). But the opportunity to start from scratch, especially for a major enterprise, is an unusual one, and one that I desperately wanted.

If we were starting again, then we wanted to start from the very beginning. Like most Enterprises Juniper's web experience had grown (in the words of Tamara Adlin, who helped us in the early stages) 'by barnacle'. Organic growth, piece by piece, both technologically and experientially. Starting again meant going back to basics.

People might scoff at the basics, but something that John and I discovered was that if you can answer:
  • What do you want to do?
  • Who do you want to do it to?
  • ...and how do you know you have done it?
then you're in good stead, and at least have a chance to design something meaningful. Over the next.. oh however many posts, I am going to look at the process we took and hopefully give some insight into the decisions and reasoning behind the site.

Next up... what up with Personas...

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