Tuesday, September 8

Censor Silliness

I made a big career change about a month ago. But actually the pressing matter on my mind is the hysterical rant on my iPod from Stephen Fry on one of the season 1 podcasts.

Compliance was the topic, but in the terms of censorship for tv. He was talking (actually screaming at more than one point) about the ludicrous situation of producing a tv show about spies - I think he was referring to Spooks or MI5 as it's called in the US). What really got to him was the insanity of showing general spy-yness, such as shooting people in the face, betraying your country, and general shennanigans, but producers are not allowed to show people in cars without seatbelts or using a mobile (cell) phone or even hands free.

Compliance with the law, yes, compliance with reality no, compliance with stupidity, absolutely.

Oh and I got a new job. Will talk about that soon when I work out the details. Needless to say I am actually very excited about it.

Oh btw. The podgram os from sept 08 so I am only a year out of date with that one. Check out 'Compliance Defiance' if you can find it. It's worth the Googling!

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