Friday, June 25

Project Geetar - Part Trois

Remaster, Redux, do over, call it what you will. It's time to resurrect the Gilly Builds a Guitar project again. This time I will be finishing it fairly soon.

Okay - specs: This is going to be a Stratocaster-style axe, fairly traditional but with some modifications that I have been playing with on other guitars and really want to combine into one guitar.

  • Fender body with a nitro cellulose finish for a better tone. I actually managed to find a Highway One body  on ebay which will be great
  • Neck - Warmoth special. I am going with either Wenge or Imbuia with an ebony fingerboard. I really like ebony, it feels great and sounds great. Plus the neck woods i am choosing don't need a lot of sealing. In fact you can play them raw if you want. I am actually going to go with a tung oil/gun stock oil finish, just to protect from sweat/moisture
  • Locking tuners - there is no other choice
  • Vintage 6 screw trem - I like the old school style
  • Earvana nut - the compensated nut really helps with intonation and helps balance with the old school trem
  • EMG DG21 pickups - this is the Dave Gilmour signature set on his Red Strat, these are active, silent and and can give that single coil scream or chunky sound that he gets
I'll put this together and see what its like - it'll probably end up heading to Guitarworks SF for a final setup to get it low and smooth. Will post pics as we go.

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