Monday, November 29

Object Writing Exercise - Lager is a site that provides a word for the day everyday. The idea is to wake up, look up the word, set your timer for 10 mins and just write. It's a great way to start the day.Write about the object or subject using your sense based faculties; Taste, Touch, Sight, Sound, Smell as well as your kinesthetic senses- movement and body sensations.



It's hot out. Funny for a British summer, but man it's warm. Clear blue, aqua marine, like the water around a tropical island. Not a cloud to tarnish, like someone swept them away.

The glass sits in front of me. Ice cool fluid to quench my thirst, coloured like honey. Beads of condensation sit on the outside, slowly trickling down the length of the glass, racing no one, but purposely heading to meet the table.

I can hear people laughing, joking, music filtering out of the door of the pub, making it's way into the garden. This corner of England is mine, right now, nobody else is here with me. How did monks invent this? What were they thinking? Did they ever see me sat in this garden, on an old wooden bench, enjoying a glass of their labours? Probably not, but I bet when they got it right they knew they were on to something pretty special.

I curl my fingers around the glass, lifting it from the table, and take a long sip. I can taste flowers, hops, the bubbles explode in my mouth. I put the glass back on the table and savour the gulp. This is what summers are about.

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