Saturday, November 27

Object Writing Exercise - Road is a site that provides a word for the day everyday. The idea is to wake up, look up the word, set your timer for 10 mins and just write. It's a great way to start the day.Write about the object or subject using your sense based faculties; Taste, Touch, Sight, Sound, Smell as well as your kinesthetic senses- movement and body sensations.


It just spralled behind me in the rear view mirror. Miles of my life, like asphalt coated memories. I sit here in the dark, a cold parking lot, frost on the hood, but a fire in side me.

She sat looking at me from the passenger seat, a glint of streetlight in her eye, fingers curled in my hair, mere inches apart.

I could smell her skin this close, perfumed by her hair, the last cocktail on her lips, a hint of something, vanilla maybe - Prada I think she had told me earlier.

Her eyes already told me what I knew inside, the road I was about to travel.

The start of roadtrips always made me sad. Not because of the sounds, sights I will inevitably experience. The laughter, warmth of her, simple things like how she nervously brushes her hair away from her eyes.

But the realisation that as you turn on to any new road it will ultimately end somewhere. I am along for the ride, where ever this road will lead.

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