Wednesday, December 1

Object Writing Exercise - Attire (10 Mins) is a site that provides a word for the day everyday. The idea is to wake up, look up the word, set your timer for 10 mins and just write. It's a great way to start the day.Write about the object or subject using your sense based faculties; Taste, Touch, Sight, Sound, Smell as well as your kinesthetic senses- movement and body sensations.



I stand staring at the array of colours in front of me. I am warm, clean from scrubbing the night from my face, my body, and can still smell the cloves in the shaving cream - it's like Christmas, or baking. This is a decision point faced every morning, here, in apartments and bedrooms and hotels across the world. How do I present myself to the world today?

Classic, my own twist on contemporary, casual? Generally I want something unique, something that starts a conversation, something to set me apart from the norm flow of khaki or denim that is out there. What belt, what shoes, what watch? Critical path steps to being me and how I walk out of the front door with a confident step and a grin on my face.

There is nothing quite like the feel of a vintage tshirt, silky soft against you, draping against my frame, warm and comforting. I feel the same about new fine cotton dress shirt - it exudes class, an invisible forcefield around you, that gives you superhuman appeal, confidence in bounds. Just hoping the waitress in the coffee shop or the business woman on the muni will catch my eye and give me a knowing look of approval. Setting me up for a day of conquest.

So here I stand, staring at the wall of fabric...  

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