Sunday, December 19

Object Writing Exercise: Discount

Why are we obsessed with premium and expensive? What's wrong with less expensive? Is that the same as cheap?

Is there a thrill in finding a bargain? She certainly thought so. She wanted that new bag, but the sticker shock of the retail tag was a little too much to bear. That is nearly next month's rent payment. She had a sick feeling in the pit of her stomach, but that bag would look amazing and would shut up Angela. She wanted to see the look on her face when she walked into the party this week, that facade that hid the green eyed monster inside her.

Is the cost worth the hardship this month? A couple less mochas, well a lot fewer, and some nights in watching tv, that wouldn't be so bad. And she thought that if she did want to get out, then she was pretty sure that Daniel would take her out. He was nice, good for a meal ticket at the moment, not sure if he was marriage material, but the fact at he was seeing her and not Angela was definitely worth putting up with him.

She fingered the lines of the credit card in her purse, raised surfaces, silently screaming a Braille taunt to her, go on, just hand me over... It will be painless. Its credit after all.

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