Thursday, December 2

Object Writing Exercise - Field Trip - 10 Mins is a site that provides a word for the day everyday. The idea is to wake up, look up the word, set your timer for 10 mins and just write. It's a great way to start the day.Write about the object or subject using your sense based faculties; Taste, Touch, Sight, Sound, Smell as well as your kinesthetic senses- movement and body sensations.

Field Trip

Glass cabinets, red ropes separating people in the now from the things of old. Thirty pairs of eyes looking, many not in the direction of our guide through the past. Words filter through the background chatter. They drift around me, like moths, fluttering in and out of a light on an old porch. Medical instruments, used by famous surgeons. It's all irrelevant to me, I know why I am here.

I can more feel her presence than see her, even though she's standing right beside me. Once in a while she brushes against me. Her fingertips running across the back of my palm. Not accidentially, but lingering just long enough to not rouse suspicion. But long enough to ignite my soul, burning me from the inside out. I can smell her next to me, a combination of cigarette expertly disguised by mint from her gum.

I can still taste the smoke on my lips from earlier. A shared, rushed drag, and a even quicker locking of lips. Just enough to signal her interest for the day.

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