Friday, December 17

Object Writing Exercise - Phosphorescence (10 Mins)

We spent the time wrapped in each other,
bodies tangled in the half light of curtained mornings
Blue brown light filtering through the depths of the room
Giving your silhouette an angelic glow

I ran my hand over your hip and along your waist
telling you one thing, thinking something very different
All the time, you filled my nostrils, my mind
the lingering of your perfume ever present.

Even now days and nights later, in the dark of night,
I still catch that unmistakable hint of your hair, your skin
It all comes flooding back
And in my half sleep, I still see the glow of your outline
Burned into my mind, like you're right there

But who am I remembering? Is it you,
Or just composites of our best times
A highlight real of my greatest moments
And my greatest mistakes

I sink back beneath the waves of dreams
Into the embrace of sheets, like waves washing over me
And I see the smile in your eyes for the last time

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