Wednesday, December 8

Object Writing Exercise - Underbelly (10 Mins)

Polished, bright, presentable. A veneer of faux elegance.
An American Dream.
But look closer at the shine, pick at the fraying corners,
And tear away the new suit.

This is what drive desires, wants, lust, greed.
Running against everyone, needing every last seat, parking spot, table.
Bigger, better, more than the Jones', Changs and Kumars.

Beneath the flash, the lustre, is a masked acrid odour of dark.
Green eyed, fat fingered and ruthless
Clawing at each other, climbing over those too balanced to care about the superficial.

There is a dark side to this country, an underbelly that nobody wants to admit.
Fueled by the dream of the free, really obsessed with the want of the flesh, of the wallet, of the dollar.

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