Sunday, February 22

The custom guitar journey - choosing the top

Geoff and I sat down last week to talk materials, body and top wood, neck, finger board etc.

After talking this all through, we settled on a Birdseye maple top, mahogany back, curly maple neck, rosewood fingerboard (he's actually trying to find some Brazilian rosewood as it is gorgeous, but hard to find due to it's protected nature to stop over farming).

This week he got some sample images back from his timber suppliers. I think they did a great job in sourcing the perfect maple top for what I am looking for. The first board on the left is what I am thinking, it's got some good even birdseye knotting in it, so up close it looks great. Further away it is a little more understated and I like that a lot.

Anyway all the timbers are ordered up and the project is underway...

More to come.

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