Saturday, March 14

Custom guitar journey - pickups are in!

The pickups have arrived! Excited about this, I think Monique at SF Guitarworks was too, as she emailed me as soon as they had arrived. 

The spec page for these is here on Bare Knuckle's site They are a super hot P90, designed for Matt Bellamy of Muse. The bridge is 10.6kohm and the neck is 9.5kohm. So much more in the PAF humbuckers territory than a single coil. 

Switching is going to be via 3 way toggle (not blade) with the mid position being hum-canceling. There will also be a series option for a thicker sound, on a push-pull and also a bypass. Knobs will be two volumes and a tone (with 0.015 microfarad paper in oil capacitor from Angela).

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