Friday, March 13

The custom guitar journey - handling the timbers

Well the body and neck materials have arrived at Luttrell Guitarworks! I spent some time with Geoff looking at the timbers and picking out what I liked.

We have a mahogany body, curly maple neck and an Amazonian/Brazilian rosewood fingerboard.

The curly maple blank I chose was very resonant even in it's uncut form - it has a real 'ping' to it when you tap it. It also has really beautiful flame going both lengthwise and laterally across the neck. This will look great once finished.

The rosewood fingerboard overlay I chose is also just a very beautiful example of very straight grain, a lovely chocolate colour.

The mahogany back is very resonant too, with very uniform grain. I think it will look great when finished. Geoff wants to make the control cavity cover from a slice of this too, rather than a piece of plastic. I have of course seen that before. But never even crossed my mind to do. That will be lovely.

The neck build is underway now. It will take a month-6 weeks to finish, as following the build it goes under tension for a while to make sure that it doesn't move, twist etc.

The spec for the neck is 25 inch scale (so right in between the classic Fender at 25.5 and Gibson at 24.75) It's the PRS length which is a very nice combination of roomy but slinky!

It will have jumbo stainless steel frets. Scalloped from the 12th upwards and have the truss road adjustments at the body end, much like a Music Man. No messing about with truss rod covers.

Nut will be graphite and the tuners will be the locking/open back type from Hipshot.

We are going small simple abalone dots for markers on the front and side. Very classy.

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